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4.2.1 Defined Time Zones

Tablicious’s time zone data is drawn from the IANA Time Zone Database, also known as the “Olson Database”. Tablicious includes a copy of this database in its distribution so it can work on Windows, which does not supply it like Unix systems do.

You can use the timezones function to list the time zones known to Tablicious. These will be all the time zones in the IANA database on your system (for Linux and macOS) or in the IANA time zone database redistributed with Tablicious (for Windows).

Note: The IANA Time Zone Database only covers dates from about the year 1880 to 2038. Converting time zones for datetimes outside that range is currently unimplemented. (Tablicious needs to add support for proleptic POSIX time zone rules, which are used to govern behavior outside that date range.)