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8.2.5 categorical

Class: categorical

Categorical variable array.

A categorical array represents an array of values of a categorical variable. Each categorical array stores the element values along with a list of the categories, and indicators of whether the categories are ordinal (that is, they have a meaningful mathematical ordering), and whether the set of categories is protected (preventing new categories from being added to the array).

In addition to the categories defined in the array, a categorical array may have elements of "undefined" value. This is not considered a category; rather, it is the absence of any known value. It is analagous to a NaN value.

This class is not fully implemented yet. Missing stuff: - gt, ge, lt, le - Ordinal support in general - countcats - summary

Instance Variable of categorical: uint16 code

The numeric codes of the array element values. These are indexes into the cats category list.

This is a planar property.

Instance Variable of categorical: logical tfMissing

A logical mask indicating whether each element of the array is missing (that is, undefined).

This is a planar property.

Instance Variable of categorical: cellstr cats

The names of the categories in this array. This is the list into which the code values are indexes.

Instance Variable of categorical: scalar_logical isOrdinal

A scalar logical indicating whether the categories in this array have an ordinal relationship.

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