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8.2.9 datetime

Class: datetime

Represents points in time using the Gregorian calendar.

The underlying values are doubles representing the number of days since the Matlab epoch of "January 0, year 0". This has a precision of around nanoseconds for typical times.

A datetime array is an array of date/time values, with each element holding a complete date/time. The overall array may also have a TimeZone and a Format associated with it, which apply to all elements in the array.

This is an attempt to reproduce the functionality of Matlab’s datetime. It also contains some Octave-specific extensions.

Instance Variable of datetime: double dnums

The underlying datenums that represent the points in time. These are always in UTC.

This is a planar property: the size of dnums is the same size as the containing datetime array object.

Instance Variable of datetime: char TimeZone

The time zone this datetime array is in. Empty if this does not have a time zone associated with it (“unzoned”). The name of an IANA time zone if this does.

Setting the TimeZone of a datetime array changes the time zone it is presented in for strings and broken-down times, but does not change the underlying UTC times that its elements represent.

Instance Variable of datetime: char Format

The format to display this datetime in. Currently unsupported.

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