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8.2.23 ismissing

Function: out = ismissing (X)
Function: out = ismissing (X, indicator)

Find missing values.

Determines which elements of X contain missing values. If an indicator input is not provided, standard missing values depending on the input type of X are used.

Standard missing values depend on the data type:

If indicator is supplied, it is an array containing multiple values, all of which are considered to be missing values. Only indicator values that are type-compatible with the input are considered; other indicator value types are silently ignored. This is by design, so you can pass an indicator that holds sentinel values for disparate types in to ismissing() used for any type, or for compound types like table.

Indicators are currently not supported for struct or logical inputs. This is probably a bug.

Table defines its own ismissing() method which respects individual variables’ data types; see table.ismissing.

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