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Static Method: out = euro ()

Conversion Rates of Euro Currencies


Conversion rates between the various Euro currencies.


This data comes in two separate variables.


An 11-long vector of the value of 1 Euro in all participating currencies.


An 11-by-11 matrix of conversion rates between various Euro currencies.


The date upon which these Euro conversion rates were fixed.


The data set euro contains the value of 1 Euro in all currencies participating in the European monetary union (Austrian Schilling ATS, Belgian Franc BEF, German Mark DEM, Spanish Peseta ESP, Finnish Markka FIM, French Franc FRF, Irish Punt IEP, Italian Lira ITL, Luxembourg Franc LUF, Dutch Guilder NLG and Portuguese Escudo PTE). These conversion rates were fixed by the European Union on December 31, 1998. To convert old prices to Euro prices, divide by the respective rate and round to 2 digits.



This example data set was derived from the R 3.6.0 example datasets, and they do not specify a source.


# TODO: Port this from R

# TODO: Example conversion

# TODO: "dot chart" showing euro-to-whatever conversion rates and vice versa