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8.2.48 octave.examples.plot_pairs

Function: out = plot_pairs (data)
Function: out = plot_pairs (data, plot_type)
Function: out = plot_pairs (fig, …)

Plot pairs of variables against each other.

data is the data holding the variables to plot. It may be either a table or a struct. Each variable or field in the table or struct is considered to be one variable. Each must hold a vector, and all the vectors of all the variables must be the same size.

plot_type is a charvec indicating what plot type to do in each subplot. ("scatter" is the default.) Valid plot_type values are:


A plain scatter plot.


A scatter plot + fitted line, like R’s panel.smooth does.

fig is an optional figure handle to plot into. If omitted, a new figure is created.

Returns the created figure, if the output is captured.