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8.2.50 rmmissing

Function: [out, tf] = rmmissing (X)
Function: [out, tf] = rmmissing (X, dim)
Function: [out, tf] = rmmissing (…, 'MinNumMissing', MinNumMissing)

Remove missing values.

If x is a vector, removes elements with missing values. If x is a matrix, removes rows or columns with missing data elements.

dim is the dimension to operate along. Specifying a dimension forces rmmissing to operate in matrix instead of vector mode.

MinNumMissing indicates how many missing element values there must be in a row or column for it to be considered missing and this removed. This option is only used in matrix mode; it is silently ignored in vector mode.

Returns: out - the input, with missing elements or rows or columns removed tf - a logical index vector indicating which elements, rows, or columns were removed