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8.2.60 tableOuterFillValue

Function: out = tableOuterFillValue (x)

Outer fill value for variable within a table.

Determines the fill value to usse for a given variable value x when that value is used as a variable in a table that is involved in an outer join.

The default implementation for tableOuterFillValue has support for all Octave primitive types, plus cellstrs, datetime & friends, strings, and table-valued variables.

This function may become private to table before version 1.0. It is currently global to make debugging more convenient. It (or an equivalent) will remain global if we want to allow user-defined classes to customize their fill value. It also has default logic that will determine the fill value for an arbitrary type by detecting the value used to fill elements during array expansion operations. This will be appropriate for most data types.

Returns a 1-by-ncols value of the same type as x, which may be any type, where ncols is the number of columns in the input.