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Constructor: obj = table ()

Constructs a new empty (0 rows by 0 variables) table.

Constructor: obj = table (var1, var2, …, varN)

Constructs a new table from the given variables. The variables passed as inputs to this constructor become the variables of the table. Their names are automatically detected from the input variable names that you used.

Constructor: obj = table ('Size', sz, 'VariableTypes', varTypes)

Constructs a new table of the given size, and with the given variable types. The variables will contain the default value for elements of that type.

Constructor: obj = table (…, 'VariableNames', varNames)
Constructor: obj = table (…, 'RowNames', rowNames)

Specifies the variable names or row names to use in the constructed table. Overrides the implicit names garnered from the input variable names.