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8.2.61 timezones

Function: out = timezones ()
Function: out = timezones (area)

List all the time zones defined on this system.

This lists all the time zones that are defined in the IANA time zone database used by this Octave. (On Linux and macOS, that will generally be the system time zone database from /usr/share/zoneinfo. On Windows, it will be the database redistributed with the Tablicious package.

If the return is captured, the output is returned as a table if your Octave has table support, or a struct if it does not. It will have fields/variables containing column vectors:


The IANA zone name, as cellstr.


The geographical area the zone is in, as cellstr.

Compatibility note: Matlab also includes UTCOffset and DSTOffset fields in the output; these are currently unimplemented.